Seyr-i Istanbul Halic Cafe

İçerik Kılavuzu

The Haliç Bosphorus: A New Beginning Reflecting the Soul of Istanbul

Once upon a time, Istanbul’s unique panorama and rich culture enchanted people from all around the world. In the heart of this mesmerizing city, by the shores of the Golden Horn, Seyr-i Istanbul Haliç Cafe was a unique place reflecting the history and culture of Istanbul. Over time, this special venue began to be known by a new name that further reflected the soul of Istanbul: The Haliç Bosphorus.

The story of The Haliç Bosphorus was born out of deep respect for Istanbul’s history and culture. The venue is designed as a culinary paradise where the exquisite flavors of Ottoman palace cuisine and modern Turkish dishes are blended. Here, guests embark on a journey through Istanbul’s history, delighting both their eyes and palates.

Embracing Istanbul’s rich coffee culture, The Haliç Bosphorus offers special blends to coffee enthusiasts, providing a delightful break against the backdrop of the Golden Horn. The architecture of the venue is elegantly and authentically designed to reflect Istanbul’s historical texture. Guests feel as though they are on a journey beyond time as they gaze upon iconic landmarks like the Sultanahmet Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and Topkapi Palace.

More than just a café, The Haliç Bosphorus is also a center of art and culture, contributing to Istanbul’s social and cultural life. Its art events and cultural organizations share the city’s dynamism and inspiration. Each event offers unforgettable memories and new discoveries for visitors.

The brand transformation has brought the respect for Istanbul’s history and the unique experiences offered by the venue to the forefront. The Haliç Bosphorus continues to share Istanbul’s history, culture, and beauties with its visitors, offering them an experience beyond time. With this new name, the legacy of Seyr-i Istanbul Haliç Cafe is reborn under The Haliç Bosphorus, reflecting the soul of Istanbul even more strongly.