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Once upon a time, Istanbul was a magical city admired by the world, blending cultures and histories. With the aim of keeping this magic alive, The Halic Bosphorus was born as a unique venue that offers its guests the soul and history of Istanbul, located in a privileged position overlooking the Halic.

Since its establishment, The Halic Bosphorus has been offering its guests an unforgettable gastronomic experience by blending select flavors from Ottoman palace cuisine and modern Turkish cuisine. The cafe also embraces Istanbul’s rich coffee culture, providing coffee lovers with special blends for a delightful break. 

The venue’s architecture reflects Istanbul’s historical texture in a chic and authentic way. With the view of the Halic, guests can admire Istanbul’s iconic structures like the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and Topkapi Palace, while feeling the pulse of the city.

The Halic Bosphorus also contributes to Istanbul’s social life by regularly organizing art events and cultural activities, sharing the city’s energy and inspiration and creating unforgettable memories for everyone.

Our brand’s story is born from respect for Istanbul’s history and culture, unique flavors, and warm hospitality. The Halic Bosphorus will continue to share the spirit and beauty of Istanbul by offering its visitors a timeless experience.

Our Vision

As The Halic Bosphorus, our goal is to be a leading venue that preserves Istanbul's historical and cultural heritage, while providing gastronomic and social experiences. We aim to offer our guests unique and high-quality services, promoting Istanbul's rich history and cultural texture worldwide, and allowing everyone to feel the soul of this enchanting city. As a sustainable, innovative, and environmentally conscious business, we also strive to contribute to Istanbul's social and cultural life and shed light on the city's future.

Our Mission

Our mission as The Halic Bosphorus is to provide our guests with unforgettable memories by showcasing Istanbul's historical and cultural values along with its unique view. We aim to honor Istanbul's rich culture and history by offering high-quality service and cuisine, providing unique gastronomic experiences to both local and international visitors. In addition, we aim to contribute to the city's social life by hosting regular cultural events and artistic organizations, bringing together local and global communities. We also strive to create value for Istanbul's future by adopting sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices.

Our Quality Approach

As The Halic Bosphorus, we build our quality policy on guest satisfaction and continuous improvement principles. In this direction, we aim to always provide service at the highest quality standards. We aim to improve our quality with innovative and effective solutions by constantly reviewing our business processes, services, and products.

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Working Hours

  • Monday 9.00 - 04.30
  • Tuesday 9.00 - 04.30
  • Wednesday 9.00 - 04.30
  • Thursday 9.00 - 04.30
  • Friday 9.00 - 04.30
  • Saturday 9.00 - 04.30
  • Sunday 9.00 - 04.30